Serenity in a Jar_ Elevate Your Atmosphere with Ginger, Wormwood, Rose, and Sandalwood Aromatherapy Candle Set Pure Bliss with Single Plant Oils in a Fragrance Box

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✨ **Unleash Nature's Elixir: Essential Oil Bliss!**
Revitalize your senses with our exquisite Essential Oil collection, a symphony of scents crafted just for you.

🌿 **Pure Essence, Distilled:**
- Discover the magic in every 10ml bottle, meticulously crafted through distillation.
- Let nature's essence infuse your world.

❄️ **Cool & Sealed, Fresh Appeal:**
- Store with ease – just cleanse the bottle mouth and seal it in a cool sanctuary.
- Elevate any space with a touch of freshness.

🌟 **Transform Any Space:**
- From hotels to cars, homes, and offices, create your oasis of calm wherever you go.
- Usage: drop the essential oil into the fragrance expanding tool to spread the fragrance of the essential oil and for an instant mood lift.

👩‍👧‍👦 **Safety First, Peace of Mind:**
- Keep the magic out of children's reach to ensure their safety. ( to avoid drinking by mistake).
- In case of eye contact, please wash with plenty of water

🌈 **Curated Sets for Every Mood:**
- **Set 1:** Lavender + Chamomile + Sage
- **Set 2:** Tea Tree + Rosemary + Cinnamon

🎁 **Unbox Joy:**
- Essential oil*1 included in every set – your ticket to a sensory adventure.

✨ **Elevate Your Everyday:**
- Because you deserve a touch of nature's luxury in every moment!

🌟 Plus, Enjoy FREE Shipping directly from our USA warehouse, you can expect your order to arrive in just 3-7 days. Plus, you can track your order every step of the way.

Dimensions : 1 * 1* 2.6  inches.



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